About Us

The Boisbrun Hofman firm is for those skilled in the art.  A “person having ordinary skill in the art” (PHOSITA) is a legal standard found in many patent laws throughout the world.  This person is considered to have the advanced skills and knowledge required in a particular technical field.  We cater to these people, be they inventors or C-level executives.  Our services, products, and advice are provided with excellence, innovation, and integrity, for all aspects of IP law and strategy.

Moreover, the Boisbrun Hofman firm is for IP attorneys skilled in the art.  That is, any attorney at the Boisbrun Hofman firm is skilled in the art of many various technologies and industries, and generally has specialty experience and training in specific high-technology areas.  Thus, the Boisbrun Hofman firm can provide excellence, innovation, and integrity in legal services that meet the needs of virtually every person and company in most industries.  With knowledge, perseverance, and vision, the Hofman firm can help link inventors and companies to expanded business possibilities supporting any business plan, objective, or strategy.

To that end, the Boisbrun Hofman firm is actively engaged in IP prosecution, counseling, and opinion practices, including developing global IP strategies and programs to not only protect a client’s proprietary technologies, but to further their short- and long-term business objectives.  We have access to experienced scientists, engineers, examiners, and other key individuals that collectively bring a broad perspective to not only technology protection, but also to the role of IP in business and society.

For specific, detailed information on the IP expertise of Boisbrun Hofman, PLLC, see Industry Expertise.